Storyboard Music Vol. 2

by Aaron Novik

drone intro 02:11
55-72 06:53
19-36 07:58
91-108 07:13
127-144 05:25
mini piphany 04:27


More storyboard music based on artwork by Mark Wilson.

The pieces for this release were written around the same time as last month's release. I tried a different compositional technique for these, still sticking with a series of 18 instructions for the musicians, with the goal of creating pieces that were rhythmically seamless.

I'd like to add something about the scales used for this music (and those featured last month). There were two distinct scales I created, one was an altered whole tone scale the other was an altered octatonic scale. I thought it would be fun to either move a note a half step up or down, or take away a note from these scales, to make a once symmetrical scale asymetrical. Each piece uses only one of these scales, and even in the improvisational sections, I tried to keep the musicians strict about playing modally.

I ended up preferring the altered whole tone scale, and felt it's weightless spacey feel really complimented Mark's drawings well, and was just a more interesting sound. You can hear that one on pieces 91-108 and 127-144.

I had originally written these pieces for the band Crafty Apples as well, but after handing these charts out at an Edmund Welles rehearsal (we had been rehearsing every week for at least a year at this point) the music really came to life instantaneously. I feel you can really hear the chemistry we had at this time. And for a band that utilizes very little improvisation, I think it was fun for the other members to get to make some decisions on their own after playing such structured music all the time ;)

Also, I've added a pre show run through of the piece Mini Piphany, recorded before a show we did at the Hillside club in Berkeley, probably the only other composition EW ever played of mine (barring one performance of the Simulacra piece semi-conductor).

Finally I feel obligated to point out that two of the pieces on this release were heavily influenced by Cornelius Boots' piece "opium and absinthe" and I owe a lot of the structural and rhythmic ideas to him and that music.

Anyway thanks for taking the time to read, and I hope you enjoy the music.


released July 1, 2013

This music was performed by the ensemble Edmund Welles which is:

Cornelius Boots
Jonathan Russell
Jeffery Anderle
Aaron Novik

recorded and mixed by John Finkbeiner at new improved recording.
mastered by Myles Boisen at Headless Buddha mastering lab.


all rights reserved



Aaron Novik San Francisco, California

I enjoy playing with genre and have a hard time defining/confining myself. In the past few years I have written music for different projects that could be defined as pop songs, chamber classical, psychedelic jazz, klezmer folk and even heavy metal. Within these obviously disparate stylistic choices are a unifying compositional esthetic that slowly reveals itself the more projects you hear of mine. ... more

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