Storyboard Music volume 1

by aaron novik

73-90 part 1 02:22
73-90 part 2 00:49
73-90 part 3 02:07
73-90 part 4 04:28
73-90 part 5 05:52
73-90 part 6 01:16


Initiated as far back as 2005, this music was written for an experimental animation collaboration between myself and visual artist Mark Wilson, who was working on a non-linear storyboard at the time and proceeded to give me the drawings as they were completed, in groups of eighteen, to begin writing for. It was our intention that the animation and music would be developed in dialogue with one another. Early versions of these compositions were inspired by the initial drawings, recordings of that music, in turn, inspired subsequent images. A few end goals were considered, such as an eventual animation with accompanying soundtrack or live improvised music performances with live projected drawing. Once the storyboard piece (88 keys) and the music (Storyboard Music) were completed, each seemed fully realized in their own way. Lacking all the resources needed for the production of a film or for performances, we each soon found ourselves absorbed in other projects, leaving the individual works to stand alone for the time being.

To compose the music, each series of eighteen drawings was posted on a huge blank wall on my room, and thusly inspired each group of instructions for the musicians; eighteen instructions per group, one instruction per drawing. Simple.

For this digital release of the first of two volumes of music recorded for this project, Mark has collected twelve of the drawings from the series to give the listener a window into the inspiration for the music. I tried to convey the sense of space and ambiguity in the music, and feel like the results are extremely different from anything I've written before.


released June 1, 2013

This music is perfromed by the group The Crafty Apples:

Aaron Novik- Bass Clarinet, compositions
Dina Maccabee- viola
Sky Chari- flute
Jason Levis- marimba, percussion

recorded and mixed by John Finkbeiner at New Improved Recording.
Mastered by Myles Boisen at Headless Buddha.


all rights reserved



Aaron Novik San Francisco, California

I enjoy playing with genre and have a hard time defining/confining myself. In the past few years I have written music for different projects that could be defined as pop songs, chamber classical, psychedelic jazz, klezmer folk and even heavy metal. Within these obviously disparate stylistic choices are a unifying compositional esthetic that slowly reveals itself the more projects you hear of mine. ... more

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